What Moves You?

My dear mother shared this verse with me today:

“But none of these things move me….” Acts 20:24

Paul goes on to explain his pristine focus on the mission God had entrusted to him.

Earthly things didn’t move him.

Including death.

How about you?

What moves you?

Or should I rephrase this:  what shouldn’t move you that does?





I’m so guilty.

Situations can move us in an instant towards ugliness, selfishness, or (gasp) distrust in Almighty God’s plan for our lives.

“But none of these things move me….” Acts 20:24

Plaster this verse somewhere to retrain your brain.

Try replacing the word “things” with a more personal noun:

None of the children’s moods move me.

None of the sales calls annoy me.

None of the traffic moves me.

(Literally, I’m not moving.)

None of my mindless chores move me to irritation.

None of my unanswered prayers will move me away from God.

Notice the key word repeated in each phrase?


That means ZERO percent of it affects you.

NONE of it dares to move you from living in peace to living with fear or worry.


Why is it even possible for none of these worldly things to move us?

Because we’ve already won.

Jesus is victorious.

The power that raised Him from the dead lives in me.

And you.

I’m going to wave my arm like a princess, declaring “But none of these things move me”.

Join me and keep your peace.

Photos by Church of the King, Ales Maze, Esther Ann, Ben White, & Alex Perez on Unsplash

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