Prickly People

You know the type.

Recoils when you give a loving pat.

Or even a loving word.

They shun it, choosing instead to dwell on their own misery.

Their prickles scream stay away or else.

You don’t see them at first.

But after the initial reaction, they are completely obvious.

Well, they are obvious, plus you notice a trickle of blood down your arm from their stab.


What did you do?

Think back.

Anything there?

Maybe if you have a teenager, you looked at them wrong.

Or you limited their freedoms based on their choices.

Or insisted they eat veggies before dessert.

Oh the horror!

Guessing you saw prickles.

Maybe your spouse isn’t themselves, responding to your loving words with apathy.

Or they recoil in horror when you suggest a change.


Maybe your friends have a prickly text response.

Maybe your boss is unapproachable and all you feel are prickles.

How about the checker, assuming you still use a real person.

Through no fault of your own, they might be prickly because of their job or life circumstances.

What should you do when encountering prickles?

If you fight back, deliciously succumbing to fleshly desires, you’ll get pricked.


Blood will trickle out.


Sometimes, their attitudes have nothing to do with you.

You are simply in the way.

Other times, it is directed specifically at you.

I’ll ask again.

What should you do?

What would Jesus do?

Love them.

Provide grace through strength.

Infuse His peace into the circumstances.

While you must stand firm with adolescent discipline, sprinkle in some grace.

Don’t allow yourself to be wounded with someone else’s pricks.

Those are meant to harm you.

But only if you let them.

Stand tall.

Wear your crown, and declare none of this moves me.

I will stay in His peace as I keep my eyes steadfast on Him.

The author and finisher of my peace.

Photos by NeONBRAND, buddika Gunathilaka, & frank mckenna on Unsplash

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