Questioning God

Who am I to question Almighty God?

What gives me that right?

His ways are above mine.

He holds our future in His capable strong hands.

Our job is to trust Him with faith like a child.

Oh we can have conversations.

We must.

We beg Him to explain His purpose.

To explain why.

It will probably turn into a little whining and fussing, and that’s ok.

But we stop at the threshold of why, turning back instead to trust.


You’ll feel better when you share your heart with the One who created it.

Picture God as your big strong daddy.

Tug on His arm and climb up onto His lap.

Let Him hold you in His gentle arms as you tell Him your troubles, your concerns.

All of them.

Let Him dry your tears, reassuring you He’s got it all under control.

He’ll lead you all the way home.

Just walk with Him and trust.

And when He turns a way you wouldn’t, keep your hand in His, never letting go.


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