How Free Are You?

“Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.”  

1 John 4:15

If you confess with your lips…

If your soul longs for God…

If your heart knows it needs to be forgiven…

When you confess Jesus is Lord,

You are free.

God abides in you.

God is in you, through you, around you.

He is intertwined with you.

Your whole you.

Logically speaking, if God abides in you, why are you not free?

Why do you choose to stay in your old habits?

Your ugly selfish ways?

Why do you even listen to the lies Satan plants into your brain?

Because our free will allows us to choose.


It’s time to choose again.

Next time someone is hostile, abide in God.

Next time something doesn’t go your way, abide in God.

Next time you frown at your mirror’s reflection, abide in God.

The God who created all things sent His only Son to die so He could abide in you.


He came to set you free -to live abundantly.

Purpose your mind, heart, and soul to abide in God.

Because as a Christian, God is abiding in you.


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