Other’s Opinions

Why do we allow others to steal from us?

We allow others to step into our minds, stealing one of the most valuable items we own.

Our peace.

Which affects our security.

And our sense of being valued.

Securely loved.

Just for being us.

When we allow someone to take away our peace, we are choosing to believe their small opinion of us instead of God’s.

I’m not in any way referring to ill behavior on our part, justifying their words.

Normal, everyday annoyances.

Spouse not thinking of you first.

Or at all while they get coffee for themselves.

Or choose the agenda not asking for your input.

Children, who fly into anger at the drop of a hat, blaming you for their problems.

Neighbors who voice displeasure over your landscaping choice.

Bosses who praise the next person, passing over you most times.

Drivers who have zero consideration for your pressing need to merge.

Restaurants with distasteful food you still must pay for.

Everyday things.

Why do we allow little things to bore into our very souls, determining our moods?

We take those opinions, which are dependent upon the other person’s sour moods, as truth.

We accept them as truth over God’s.

Over what you know to be the absolute truth.

That you are loved.


Precious in the sight of God.

Never alone.

Always covered.


The next time you are tempted to agree with someone’s poor mood towards you, stop.

Brush it off.

And declare “none of this moves me“.


Photos by Timothy Eberly,  Gabriel Jimenez, & Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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