Holding Your Tongue

It’s so easy to defend yourself.

Sometimes, you should.

You must.

But other times, it’s preferable to keep quiet, allowing the other to make a fool of themselves.

We are responsible only for ourselves.

Our actions.

Our words.

Our choices.

When you become agitated with your spouse, pause.

Takes maturity to look at things from their perspective.


You could be wrong, you know.

And if you are, own it!

And if you’re not, say your peace in a quiet manner, and leave it.

You cannot convince others of your viewpoint if they refuse to move from theirs.

Remember, it’s their choice to walk in your shoes or not.

Just Iike it’s your choice to view theirs.

Goes for friendships, neighbors, co-workers, and your boss.

When your point of view is negated, your feelings thrown to the wall, you have a choice.

You can participate with the foolishness, upping the ante, or you can choose to walk away with your dignity intact.

I know what Jesus would choose, as he regularly chose it while walking this earth.

He chose the high road.

Make your point and go, feeling a bit of pity instead for their ignorance.

Fasten your crown, and declare once again, “None of this moves me.”

Photos by Shana Van Roosbroek & david laws on Unsplash

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