What are yours?

Your temptations?

Believing the worst about someone because of your own personal wounds?

Sneaking off early or wasting time at work because you feel you deserve it?

Not correcting the clerk who hands you extra change?

Embracing self-pity if you feel wronged, even if that was not the intention?

Succumbing to fear of the future when you are uncertain of life?

Satan tempts us according to our weaknesses and personality.

Waiting for weary feet


When we belong to Jesus, His power in us keeps us from falling into temptation.

But ONLY when we decide.

That’s worth saying again:

God’s power in us keeps us from acting upon our temptation ONLY when we decide not to succumb.


Satan’s goal is to remove our connection to God through temptation.

When we loose our connection to God, we are of no value to God.

God’s light in us becomes covered by sin.

And He cannot bring others to Himself through us.


Think back to a recent time when you were tempted to let your mood slide into the toilet.

When you succumbed, were you of value to God?

If you lashed out as a result, the opposite is true.


If Satan helps you to become of zero value to God, then what does it matter if you are God’s child?

Yes, your eventual heavenly reward, but I’m talking about our mission here and now.

Your every day life.

Your interactions with family, friends, and the great big world.

Recognize your weaknesses.

Look for Satan’s temptations to slam you to the ground.

And next time, instead of agreeing with the Tempter, declare “but NONE one of these things affect me”. (see post)

Stand instead with God, keeping His power simmering within you,

showing the world His great love.


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