Today & Tomorrow


Ever heard the phrase “He is already there?”

Meaning, Jesus is already there.

He’s in the past.

He’s here now.

And He’s in the future.

He is already there.

Already preparing for you.

Ready and calm.

It’s comforting, but only if we believe it.

Knowing God already knows and is there comforts us, but only if that’s enough.

And it should be.

God should be enough.

His presence, love, and peace are enough.

But only if we turn ourselves off, wanting to control some part of it.


Take tomorrow for example.

Not sure what is going on, but God is already there.

And He is enough.

Worry or anxiety begin to assert themselves into our situations only when we allow ourselves to regain control.

When I thrust myself and my desires into the plan.

Invading God’s perfect plan.

Yes, God gives us desires and needs, and when those are aligned with His will and not our flesh, we will remain in peace.

But when we decide we must plan for this or that, what we are really doing is removing our trust from God.

Removing our trust.

Not a good idea.

And when we remove our trust from God, we are telling Him he is not enough.

Not enough.

God, who created ALL things is not enough.

Ok, when you spell it out that way, our anxiety does seem a bit ridiculous.

Ya think?

Remember God has your back.

He is with you yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

He is already there.

Already there waiting for you.

Keep placing your trust in Him.

Let Him walk with you each moment.

Tell Him your worries, but allow Him to solve them.

Listen after you speak.

And trust that He is enough.

Because He is.



Photos by Todd TrapaniRuslan Zaplatin, & Perchek Industrie on Unsplash

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