Be stamped with God’s nature, and His blessing will come through you all the time.              Oswald Chambers

I just love this quote.

Stamped with God’s nature means to be marked.

To follow God.

To follow His will in me.

To mirror ourselves after Him.

To keep inline with Himself.

To reject self-pity when faced.

To reject fear when faced.

To reject jealousy when faced.

To react in life how God would want you to react.

To react with His nature through you.

Through me.

Because when we do this through Him, His blessings will follow.

God’s abundant peace will flow through your fingers.

God’s perfect love will cast out all fear.

God’s total acceptance of you will keep you safe and secure.


We can only be stamped with God when we decide to follow Him.

And we can only stay stamped and fruitful with His strength in us.

That’s the miracle.

God uses weak humans to fulfill His purposes here on earth.

He uses us to bless others.

But only if we do our part.

Only if we allow Him to do it, rejecting the flesh when moments arrive.

I want to be continually stamped with God.

I want to let God’s blessings flow through me to others so they can taste the goodness of God.




Photos by Amador LoureiroMarcus dePaula, & Susan Kirsch on Unsplash

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