Thank you


Are His praises ever on your lips?

Is your thankfulness dripping off your tongue?

It’s so much easier to complain.



It’s easier because it’s more natural.

Natural in our human mindset.

But what if you turn it all around?

What if you change your focus to how good He is?

What if you change your laundry list prayer life to a time of thankfulness?


God is so good to us.

My summer has been anything but restful.


Organizing our material possessions and selling things we deem ridiculous to own.

Sudden job loss.

New house delays and issues to deal with.

Launch new business from scratch.

Start of a new school year with my school under construction.


Believe me, I’ve complained.  🙂

And when I’ve complained, my world becomes ugly and gray.

Full of despair.

But when I’ve changed to thanking Him for all of it, it’s amazing to me how my world, my same world, becomes beautiful and bright.

Full of hope.

Declare how good He is and thank Him in advance.

You’ll be surprised at how peaceful and hopeful you’ll be.

But that really shouldn’t surprise you.

Focusing on God always points us to rest.

To Him.

To His goodness.


Thank you God for all of it.

Thank you God for finishing our beautiful home and bringing the workers.

Thank you for fixing our website and delivering our materials soon.

Thank you for giving us Your wisdom in all that we do.

Thank you for giving me and my teacher friends grace and peace as we enter the new school year still under construction.

Thank you for surrounding our children with godly friends and influences.

Thank you for always taking care of us and going before us every step of the way.

You are so good.

So good to us all.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Now it’s your turn!



Photos by twinsfisch on Unsplash

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