Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly. Proverbs 14:29


How often do your prickles erupt?

Once in awhile?

When life really goes to pot?

When you’ve finally had enough?

Or too, too often….?

Prickles are easy to spot.

In fact, one can feel them rising to the surface.

They’re ugly.

Painful to others.

And frankly to yourself as well.

They put a barrier between you and the world.

It’s normal to get upset-

Just make sure it’s godly.


Treat little annoyances like water off a duck’s back.

They simply don’t move you.

And when your children need your quick firm stand, be as a gentle bear they cannot move. 

If you react instead to life as someone who quickly sprays quills, you’ll be one of those people.

People who need lots of space for whatever mood they happen to jump into.

And you don’t want that.

To be so unpredictable.

People are scared of porcupines, because their prickles can erupt in an instant.

Don’t be prickly.

Be a quiet gentle giant, standing firm when you must, predictable to life.

You can’t often control your circumstances, but you can always control your reaction.

Photo by matthew Feeney on Unsplash

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