Up to Us

But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul. Deuteronomy 4:29


God is here.

He is here in my room at this very moment.

He knows my heart.

He knows my deepest wishes.

He sees every corner – the love for my husband and children…the fragile yet strong self-esteem…the hurt He will wipe away…sin I refuse to give up.

God is ever present – waiting for us to surrender ourselves so He can fill us up.

On our own, our hearts are complicated – disjointed with hurt and love.

When we daily choose to surrender ourselves to God, He comes into our heart and begins to clear away the debris.

But He needs to be invited.


He must be invited to do His work.

He’s always willing and ready.

We simply need to ask.

I know.

It takes time.

Healing, that is.

Why can’t He just sweep us clean with a super vacuum?

Because our hearts have learned things and we must learn new ways of dealing with life.

But the cool thing is this.

God will be faithful to heal every crack and remove every bit of debris if we daily surrender and allow Him to do what He wants.


Complete gut wrenching trust.

That’s where God can do His greatest work in us.

When you think about the alternative, it’s relatively easy.

Rely completely on the One who holds every answer to every question known to man.

The Author of our life.

The Creator of all things.


We could simply rely on worldly wisdom, some of it well meaning.

But then we’re using our own strength and wisdom.

And we’re human and mortal.

We don’t know the future.

We don’t have the stamina or mental capacity to think of all the details in our lives.

I know I cannot possibly orchestrate my life and have peace and happiness.

But if I give it all to God, who does know ALL THINGS, I can rest knowing He’s got this.

He’s got my back.

Not only that, but He’s studied me and fills the details of my life with blessings.

He plans my future for good and surprises me with many daily ‘wows’.

And He’s waiting to do just the same for you.

Peace or angst.

Clean heart or one full of debris.

Resting in God’s future plans or anxiously worrying about it.

I choose God.

How about you?

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

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