Turn Yourself In

God is looking for you.

You’re a wanted soul.

Wanted for redemption.

For a relationship with the One true God.

Funny, though, because God knows just where to find you.

But He has always given us a choice.

To surrender or not.

So let me ask you this:

What are you waiting for?

What’s the hold up?


Not being in control?

Would you, with your limited knowledge, rather be in charge?

Or God, who knows the beginning from the end?

But I like living for myself.

Ok, but your days are numbered and then what.

What about all of eternity which stretches far beyond your vision?

Oh, I’ll go to heaven, because I’m a good person.

Sorry, but you’re still full of sin.

And the only way to wipe the sin away is to trust Jesus to take away all your sins for you.

He will, because He loves you.

And He wants to be your friend.

There’s no strings attached.

Just ask.


But God saved you from more than yourself.

He wants you to make a real difference with others.

He wants you to have the peace of God in your life.

Maybe you’re a Christian, but your heart is still yours, wrapped up in what you want.

God wants all of you.

Only when you surrender your heart will God be able to step in.

When you put your total trust in Him, He carefully guides you with every single step.

It’s not always a smooth path, but He’s your constant companion.

And when He’s with you, you’ll have His peace which passes all understanding.

It guides your heart and mind.

So turn yourself in.


And let God take over.

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