A Lying Fool

Satan is a master of deception.

In fact, I’d even give him that official title.

But that’s the only thing I’ll give him.

He seeks to destroy life, shoving aside anything and everything in his way.

He cares not a whit for you.

Or those you love.

His goal is to distract you, tempt you, and discourage you from action.

There are many loved ones in my life walking away from God.

Oh, they think I’m the crazy one. The Christian.

They judge my standards, criticizing my thoughts as if they can read them.

Placing me on a pedestal of “the model Christian”, I shatter their perception of Christians each and every day when I fail in my human strength.

Satan uses that ignorance to prove his point – that Christians are not to be trusted.

When slanders fly my way, Satan is pleased.

After all, his goal is to bring me down as well. Me and anyone I love. Which is my whole family.

How did Jesus react when accused? Calmly explained His position.

Oh, I’m guessing not each time, but He never sinned. He simply explained.

Or not. Sometimes He simply left others as He prayed alone with God.

He focused on God’s promises and truth, which brought Him perfect peace.

If arrows fly your way this holiday season, remember Whose you are.

Remember God has promised to protect you fully, walking with you each and every moment.

But you must not let Satan win.

You must not allow the lies to penetrate your brain, giving them any residence whatsoever.

Listen to worship music. Open the Bible to His promises.

And choose to focus on the One who will solve all things.

Submit yourself to God, asking Him to help you love your family as only He can.

And don’t give Satan one inch of satisfaction.

Not even a millimeter.

While you cannot control others, you can control yourself. With God’s help, of course.

Not today, Satan. In fact, not ever. Period.

Photos by Josh HildMaria TenevaJoel Muniz, & Aliane Schwartzhaupt on Unsplash

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