Christmas Morning

I can hear their whispers.

All four children clamoring down the stairs to celebrate Christmas.

The anticipation.

The presents.

The moment.

I climb out of bed, putting the cinnamon rolls into the oven and popping on the local classical radio station.

As the children open their bulging stockings, carols fill the air while we sniff the first smells of cinnamon.

They delight in their gifts.

Just one more, mama, please, they beg.

They climb onto our laps as we enjoy their stocking gifts with them.

No, not from Santa, but from family, god parents, and others.

The timer goes off and I run to the kitchen, little feet padding after me.

Scooping them onto plates, my helpers carry them to the dining room table.

Toddling to the table, the littlest one climbs up.

We pray. It’s Christmas.

Diving into the sweet goodness, conversation erupts.

As they excitedly discuss their stocking gifts, we point them to the real meaning of the day.

“Why are we celebrating Christmas today, kids?” we ask.

“Because Jesus is born,” one replies.

“Yes!” we respond.

“What should we give Him? All I can give Him is myself. I have no present!” my eldest responds.

“Son, that’s all He wants,” I respond.

Bowing our heads, we pray, thanking God for sending His one and only Son to save us from ourselves.

Fast forward a few years and I think back to times like this. Times when children were small and times were simple.

My eldest gave all of his money the year he was six to purchase bibles for those in need.

Literally all of his money.

This Christmas, think as a little child. A little child thinking only of one thing: Jesus.

May you put Him first as you celebrate His birth.

May you help others see Him as you celebrate this year.

And may you return to your first child like love: Jesus.

May Jesus cover all of your thoughts, purposes, and actions today and always.

Photos by Kira auf der HeideErica Marsland HuynhMax Beck, & Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

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