How high is your belief?

Belief in God.

Belief in His goodness.

Belief in His faithfulness.

Belief in your God-given gifts.

How much do you believe?

How deep?

I can say things until I’m blue in the face.

Others can share God’s truth over and over.

But unless you take His words into your heart, they mean nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

christopher-paul-high-OdcSN0yOhA0-unsplash (1)

We all have our own choices.

To believe God or not.

To believe Him when things are rolling along nicely.

But to also believe Him when you’re plodding along in a deep dark forest.

How deep is your belief?

Even when you cannot feel His hand, do you know He’s still there?

Even when you’re disappointed yet again, do you look instead to His faithfulness?

It’s normal to flip a bit.

To flip on belief when a doubt enters your brain.

A thought pops into your head, planting a doubt, and you respond like you almost agree.

Instead, when little doubts land on your arm, slap them like a mosquito, killing them on the spot.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Doubt that is.


Because doubt always leads to something else.

If you don’t immediately slap that doubt away, it stays in the corner of your mind, coming to the surface every so often.

Something else a few minutes or hours later will try to confirm that doubt.

Now you’ve got a bigger problem.

That “confirmed” doubt has doubled.

Folks, it only gets worse from there.

Doubts are believed when belief in ourselves overtakes our belief in God.

When we determine it’s up to us to be happy.

It’s up to us to solve our moments.

Our belief in God is the cornerstone of everything.

If we don’t believe He is enough, we search.

If we don’t believe He is faithful, we doubt.

If we don’t believe He is here, we panic.

Keep your belief deep, so your roots are well watered when the ground above is parched.

When life is cracked and dry, you will still thrive because your roots are well-watered.

Choose to deeply believe, because life is very real.




Photos by Liam PozzJeremy Bishop, & Christopher Paul High on Unsplash

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