How do we deeply believe in God?

What does that look like?

Picture a tree.

You are that tree.

Ok, you can be any tree you like.

Personally, I like Maple trees.

I used to collect those twirly things as a girl and sell them.

Anyhow, where are the roots of a typical healthy tree?


Safe and secure.


Watered from deep below the surface.


Your faith is like this tree.

Trees with deep roots withstand the blows of life easier than trees with small shallow roots, that are visible on the surface.

How do you grow your roots under your tree?

How do you deepen your faith?

Remembering His faithfulness to you.

Praying for your family and friends.

Fellowship with others who confirm His words.

Diving into His Word, taking them into your heart.

Sharing His faithfulness with others.

Singing worship to God, reminding you of His greatness.

Searching for His fingerprint.

His fingerprints are all over your life if you simply pause to look.

All of these things remind you of His faithfulness and point you towards Him.

Every time you purpose your mind on Him, your roots grow deeper.


Don’t forget to look back, proving my theory.

Think about storms big and small when you were a new Christian.

Probably fell over a few times.

Think about life now.

Yes, we fall over sometimes, but I bet you’re stronger now.

Bet you’ve had some monster storms you’ve withstood with God’s help.

But you kept your faith through them.

Oh, not perfectly, of course, but you’re still here.

You still believe despite.

Trees don’t work to grow their roots.

It happens with time and water.

And just like a tree, your faith will grow with time and water.

Time spent in faithfulness to God and water from His word, fellowship with others, and praying.

Just as a majestic tree stands solidly on the ground, towering over the earth, your faith will stand solidly on this earth, towering over fear and life absent from God.




Photos by Aaron BurdenRichard HodonickySilvestri Matteo, & vision webagency on Unsplash

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