What if God’s purposes are for you, not against you?

His purposes you don’t yet understand?

What if God’s ways are higher than yours?

Ways you don’t yet fully see?

What if His allowing trials in your life are for a purpose greater than your very life?

What if His tests are to grow your strength in Him?

To grow your faith in Him?

What if He allows things in order to use you to change others?

What if He plans to use your sorrows through your living, human example of walking through into new life with Him?

Would that make a difference to you?

If you knew that?

That His ways are higher than yours?


Do you trust Him?


What if your consistent faithfulness to God in the face of evil is used to glorify Him?

Would that matter?

Would that make a difference?

I think yes.

When we trust God is ultimately in control, our walk is a bit easier.

Steps are easier to take when we know our ultimate purpose is to live for Him.

And the tiny little fact that He is using us.

Using you to bring others to Himself.

You might still step into mud, but you know He is right there to lift you out.

God will use you when you trust in Him.

And it’s just a bit easier to trust Him when you remind yourself of His purpose for you.

To be that light to others.

May your trials be that mush easier as you align your will with His, resting in the knowledge that His purpose will be fulfilled in your precious little life.


Photos by Anita Austvika and Ben Eaton on Unsplash

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