Fear’s Enemy



Truth is Fear’s enemy.


Because Fear wants you to ignore truth.

Fear wants you to focus on worry, neglecting all things true.

What are you afraid of?

What fear has gotten a hold of you?

Ever think you’re not good enough?

That’s fear.

God’s truth holds that you are enough just by being you.

Fear of rejection begs us to ignore ourselves, bowing instead to unloving our very selves.

Afraid you’ll lose your job?

Doesn’t God hold all things in His hands?

Doesn’t He promise to bring you your needs like He clothes the flowers in the fields and the sparrows of the air?


Can you be a Christian and still fear?



Because we forget Whose we are.

We forget and turn instead to our flesh filled minds, churning out our own responses to life.

When Satan (or fear) whispers a doubt in your mind, what is your response?

Do you agree with it?

If so, that’s an invitation for fear to move on in.

Makes it even easier the next time, which I can guarantee you will happen.

You know that.


What if, instead, you refused it?

You declared God’s truth instead?

You would win, that’s what.

Your mood would stay out of the toilet.

Satan wants fear to rule your life.

To dictate your every move.

To make you apprehensive of making any mistake at all.

To become afraid to use your voice, standing up for yourself.

To worry about being alone.

To worry about being a substitute wife, because you’re not his first one.

To compare yourself to others who have had space in a loved one’s heart.

Fear is based on the faith of the unknown.

The what if.

Don’t you dare base your life on what if.

Base your life on what now.

Base your life on what now with God.

He knows.

He cares.

He’s enough.

Kick fear to the curb.

And slam the door.


Photos by Yusuf EvliAaron BurdenAdam Muise, & Aime Cox-Tennant on Unsplash

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