If God


“If God puts you there, He is amply sufficient.”  Oswald Chambers

Unpacking this, there is so much to see.

If God places you anywhere (and He does, because He is sovereign over all), He is completely and totally enough to cover all of your fears and anxieties, washing your mind with His peace.

Completely and totally enough to cover it all.

Even those fears you harbor deep inside.

He is enough, washing your mind with His peace.


If God places your hands to work, He is more than enough, helping you not only survive, but thrive.

If God places you at home with your less than appreciative child, His love for you will cover the gaps, filling your heart with Him.

If God places you in a hospital, caring for a loved one, His care for you will shine through your care of that loved one.

If God places you in front of a large crowd, your voice will carry His message to others, speaking to their very souls.

If God places you somewhere to stand up for His name, His strength will carry you securely onto the wings of His safety and love.

If God calls you to live without your spouse, His care for you will cover all of the holes left behind.

If God calls you to mother or father children who have grown in your heart alone, His grace will marry the lines between parent and child.

When God places you, His child, in any situation, He will be enough.

He is enough.


He will do all this and more if you place your trust in Him, wanting to mirror His likeness.

To be His hands and feet.

To shut yourself down, pouring out His life instead.

Shutting yourself down doesn’t mean you become nothing.

It’s the opposite, really.

Shutting yourself down means turning off your selfish ways and pouring out God.

God, who loves all of us so very much.

Remember Whose you are.

Remember what that means.

That when He places you in life, He is more than enough.

More than enough.

Overflowing amounts of Jesus are available you.

I’d rather have Him than anything else.

Thank you, God, for being more than enough today.



Photos by Michael Liao on Unsplash

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