How loud is your voice?

Have you forgotten how it sounds?

When you are faced with disappointment, does your voice disappear completely as you become invisible?

Find it.

It’s there.

Somewhere deep inside.

Don’t think you can?


Are you feeling defeated?

Like you don’t count or can’t be loved?

Those are lies and you know what to do with those:  throw them out!

When those thoughts enter your precious brain, refuse them.

You are worth it.

Say that out loud.

I am worth it.


I knew your voice was in there somewhere.


Your voice becomes rusty when you haven’t used it for awhile.

When letting people run all over you has become a daily habit.

Sometimes, when life has beaten you down, your voice becomes hidden.

Like a precious jewel.

Uncover it.

God made your voice.

And it’s beautiful.

Do you believe me?

You should.

Your voice is a melody unique to you.

Your thoughts and opinions are from your precious self.

God created you to be a strong, loving, kind person.

You must use your voice to become the person God intended.

When something is troubling you, say something.

When you have an opinion, voice it.

You are worth it.

I know -I’m naturally a people-pleaser, and I literally hate it when others are mad at me.

Well, that’s fine, but I cannot let that desire to please others squelch my voice.

Squelch who I am.

God gave me my voice for a reason, and I must stand up for myself.

So should you.

Be nice about it of course.

Using your voice is not meant to be in anger or an irritation to yourself and others.

It’s merely speaking up for yourself.

Making your thoughts known to your loved ones.

Did someone upset you?

Speak up.


Use that voice.

Your relationships will become rich with meaning and your emotions will be at peace.

Ask God to continue changing you into the precious child He created you to be.

Ask Him to full His purpose in you, and that includes not being a wall flower, I promise you!

Practice in the mirror.

Then flash that pretty smile and speak.


Photos by Madison Bersuchwenkui xiaoAlex Lopez, & Ben White on Unsplash

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