Your Grave


Have you walked out of your grave?


With our God’s saving power pulsing through your veins, you are free.


You are no longer bound by the death of this world.

Death from words has no power over you.

Deathly situations will no longer paralyze you.

Death from fear of the unknown no longer consumes you.

The absence or death of joy, filling yourself instead with insecurity, can no longer claim you.



Have you walked out of your grave?

You’ll know because you’ll feel the freedom God so desperately wants to give you.

When God saves your soul, first and foremost, you are headed to heaven.

When you die, you no longer worry where you will forever remain.

However, there is a second part.

God longs for you to be saved from this world here on earth as well.

Saved from the death all around you.

Saved from deathly words swallowing you up.

Saved from deadly situations paralyzing you.

Saved from fear of the unknown consuming you.

Saved from joyless living, aligning yourself with insecurity and unloving thoughts.

Jesus wants to redeem your life on earth, too.

He wants you to walk around completely loved, completely valued, and completely prized.


Because you are His.

His beloved.


He has saved you from not only eternity away from Him, but He has also saved you in this world.

You are victorious.

You are free.

Together with God, you are victorious over anything this world throws at you.

Have you walked out of your grave?






Photos by Rubén BagüésJonathan FarberScott RodgersonAlexander Andrews, & Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

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