What if you decided to release all of the junk?

All of the junk you keep in your brain?

Un-forgiveness of others.

Memorized list of how each hurt you?

Deservedly yes, but it was so yesterday.

You’re only hurting yourself, you know.

Internally, your body reacts poorly when you hold onto things.

How do you know if you still have junk?

The thought of that person brings it all up again.

Washes over you like a sickness.

What if you released it?

Deliberately deciding not to hold onto it, no matter what it is?

Declaring yourself unoffendable?

What if, the very next time someone “hurts” you by their words, you, instead of launching into poor me, decided not to claim that pain at all?

Refusing to participate?

You’d enjoy freedom.

If people cannot offend you , you will remain peaceful.

Not a license to turn you into a doormat.

Talking about little things.

Snide remark from a child.

Spouse not treating you perfectly.

Taking a boss’ criticism personally instead of separating it into doing your job better.


Jesus wants His kingdom to come here on earth.

Was He wanting us to live our salvation in freedom on earth?

Not wrapped up by the bondage of past offenses?

Freedom in Christ means the freedom to forgive.

Forgive and forget.

Doesn’t mean you are blindly trusting others who have proven themselves unworthy.

But the pain isn’t kept.

The pain doesn’t keep you in bondage.

Your body cries out for freedom.

Your mind cries out for freedom.

Your soul is free.

Let’s choose that freedom today.

The choice is yours.


Photos by pan xiaozhenGianandrea VillaRobert Metz, & Jason Dent on Unsplash

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