When it comes down to it-

When the rubber meets the road-

When the time has come-

What will you decide?

What will your choice be?

Will you stand up?


Or stay seated?

When life turns a corner….

When left unsupervised….

When no one who matters is looking…

What will you decide?

No one can see your heart.

Literally, no one can see your true self.

But we can see your actions.

Your words.

Your inaction.

Those reveal your true self.

They witness the desires of your heart.

So I suppose, yes, we can see it.

Your true self.


But beyond the rest of the world, your God sees.

Nothing escapes His notice.


Whether you trust Him for your life or not, He sees.

He sees everything.

Absolutely everything.

Your tears He tenderly watches when no one else is there.

Your triumphs He rejoices as He longs to see you thrive.

But He also sees your blunders.

Witnesses these as well.

When you bend to the world, spewing forth ugly words, He sees.

When you succumb to popularity, demeaning those inferior to you, He sees.

When your will bends to the winds determined by your peers, He sees.

When you mock authority in secret or in public, He sees.

When you pretend to follow God, He sees.

When you laugh with degrading jokes, participating in your heart, He sees.

He sees and He knows.

While you might succeed at fooling the world, you will never fool Him.

God, our ultimate judge.

Stand up for what you know is right.

Stand tall among the crowd.

When you do, that little guilty feeling which always accompanies an error big or small, will dissipate.

Be a light.

In this world, you’ll either bring light or darkness wherever you go.

Which would you rather do?

Next time you face a questionable situation, will you stand up, mock, or stay seated?

Stand up.




Photos by Vladislav BabienkoJavier Allegue Barros, & Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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