What is life?

Something or someone that is alive.




How does life begin?


He is the author of life.

He created the world and everything in it.

How does life end?

Natural causes, accidents, and illness.

Or by choice with the hand of a “bad guy”, murdering a life undefended.


Recently, our country has heard the heart of people who want to choose life or death for the defenseless.

Those involved wish to declare themselves god.

They want the authority to kill innocence just before or after birth.

For what reason?

It’s unclear.


Unhealthy child, although that definition remains murky at best.

Thinking they know a child’s future will be a “non-quality” life.

Could I argue that some living people have non-quality lives?

Sitting around, depressed and living off of other people’s money, not contributing to the good of society?

Yet, those adults still deserve a chance.


Because they are valued human beings.

We must declare that babies are human beings.

No matter the stage of development in or out of the womb.

If babies are humans, then they fall under the laws of protection.

If babies are non-humans, they fall prey to nothingness.

It’s legal to kill nothing.


Because it’s nothing.


Destroying life is a choice.

A choice of convenience for only the adults involved.

May God open our eyes.

May He show us just what is going on.

And may God have mercy on our country.



Photos by Kate KrivanecLiane MetzlerKelly SikkemaAlex Hockett, & Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

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