Trust No Matter What


Is it hard to trust God when things look dark?

When life seems to be hanging by a thread, and you cannot do a darn thing about it, is it harder to trust Him?

Although you could argue, what else is there at that point?

When life is bleak, what else is there to do, but to trust God, who knows all things?

On the other hand, trusting God is super easy when life is a bowl of cherries.

I don’t even like cherries, but I’d take that over stress any day.

I like boring.

A boring life seems divine at the moment.


But, alas, that has not been my road.

My road has been filled to overflowing with drama.

Yes, I love drama, but not swirling around me.

I love acting and can challenge anyone to the lead of a play any day.

But in real life, I take sanity.

Pure sanity.

And predictability.


I love routine.


Does trusting in God mean more when life’s difficult?


I can tell you this: it’s in the stress of life that we grow.

We grow up when life is hard.

When God allows drama to fill our lives, it’s the perfect opportunity to grow.

To see how God will solve things.


Can you complain along the way?

Probably, but make sure you pass the test.

Find a buddy and complain.

But make sure that buddy points you back to God.



Photos by Annie Spratt on Unsplash




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