Our Job


Sometimes I say, “Really, God?”


Sometimes I wonder just what He’s thinking.


Sometimes, I say, “Don’t you want to try this instead?”

“Seriously, don’t you?”

Sometimes I wonder just what He’s doing.


Sometimes, I throw up my hands and say, “I have no idea how You will solve this doozy of a problem.”

“Seriously, how do You plan on fixing it?”

Sometimes, I wonder just what He’s planning.


We wonder because we want to know.

We want to be in control.

We want to give Him input.

May we be reminded that God is God and we are not.

May we ask Him to guide our mouths and every step.

And may we never forget just how much we matter to God.

Our every detail matters to Him.

Nothing is overlooked.

He has already gone before us.

We need only to pray and trust.


Photo credits by George Mihaila & Igor Kasalovic on Unsplash

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