I’m struck at how simple our faith needs to be.

Just plain simple.

We make Christianity so darn complicated.

We become experts, insistent on our own interpretation of things.

We condemn ourselves from standards of perfection.

We become puddles of insecurity through our lack of faith.

We compare ourselves with the giants of our faith.

We mess up.

We listen to the lies of Satan whispering in our ear.

We bow to the idols of our flesh.

All of this heaps buckets of guilt and condemnation.

Usually topped with feeling our faith is not large enough.

Thinking we must do even more!


Let’s go back to the simplicity of faith in God.

Jesus said we must have faith like a small child.

Just know God is God and He is in control.

That is enough.

We don’t have to perform beyond that.

We don’t have to top anything.

We don’t need to prove our faith to anyone, including ourselves.

Place your trust in God.

Child-like trust.

Claim that.

Then relax and trust that He is good.

He works all things out in His perfect way.

His ways are above yours and mine.

Shrug off the man-made burdens of our faith and simply believe.

We don’t have to know everything about God and His ways to trust Him.

You can choose, though, to keep trusting in yourself instead of God.

He’s given us that choice.


God has not and will not ever let you down if you keep trusting Him.

Simply trust, believe, and rest.

And like a little child, take your peace.



Photos by Johannes PlenioMarjorie Bertrand, & Melissa Askew on Unsplash

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