Securely Loved


Are you securely loved?

By anyone here on earth?

Have you the pleasure of knowing you are completely surrounded by that love?

Completely safe through the knowledge you are absolutely securely loved?

Do you have that from your folks?

From your spouse?

A dear friend?

Securely loved means you don’t have to perform to earn it.

You can mess up, even royally, and stay in peace, knowing you are loved for who you are, not what you are.



Have you lost that security?


Have you lost the undying love of your folks?

Has the spouse you vowed to love left you through death or divorce?

There are few earthly relationships God has designed to provide love.

Secure love.

Love that doesn’t measure your worth based on what you are, but loves you for who you are.

Love from parents and spouses are the two that come to mind.

Unfortunately, our broken world produces lives that fall apart from the lack of secure love.

Our one and only hope of secure love rests in the loving arms of God.

In the One who created us for love.

Who designed our hearts to love.

His love is secure.

It will never fail.

If you’ve never felt securely loved, it’s time to place your trust in God.

His love for you will astound you.

You mess up, but He still loves you.

You put other things before Him, but He still loves you.

You recommit, deciding to get serious with God for the 110th time and He still loves you.

God loves you.

How much?

He sent His one and only son to die for you.

For you.


His love predates you and will go on for ever.

Rest securely in His love.

You can never earn it, so He gives it to you freely.

When you trust in Him, you are absolutely securely loved.


Hands holding sapling in soil

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