What is hope, really?

Knowing the situation will improve.

Seeing signs of improvement.

Signs of hope.

The dictionary defines hope as believing, desiring, or trusting.

Do you have hope?

Doesn’t matter what situation you are thinking of.

Can be big or small.

Hope your child will return their reverence to God.

Hope your boss will recognize your hard work.

Hope your puppy will finally see the big bathroom, which is outside.

Hope your spouse will pick up dinner for you.


Some hope isn’t reasonable.

Hope your child will, on their own, make a fabulous dinner or rub your aching feet.

Hope taxes will forever say goodbye.

Hope winter in Nebraska will stay in the 50’s at the very least.

But real life hope is possible.

Needed, in fact.

If you don’t have hope, you really have nothing.

Deep in winter’s grip, we have hope for spring’s warmth.

During an especially tiring workday, we have hope for the weekend’s rest.

And when children are small, we have hope they will become more and more self sufficient.


As Christians, we have hope for eternal life, living forever with God.

When we continually trust God for things in this life, our hope increases.

When we faithfully ask God to intervene, placing our worries at His feet, our hope increases.

When we realize we are not in charge and thank God that He IS in charge, our hope increases.


Place your hope in Him.

Your belief, desire, and trust as the dictionary defines.

And when doubt comes a knockin’ at your door, don’t answer it.

You don’t need that.

Because you have hope.

Real hope from God above.



Photos by Diego PHGuilherme StecanellaCatherine McMahonRose ErkulJOHN TOWNER, Ron Smith, & Nong Vang on Unsplash

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