Will You?


Will you keep trusting God when all looks wrong?

Will you keep your faith as it looks like God has turned His back on you?

Remember Job?

Job kept his faith even as his entire life fell apart.

Life as he knew it melted away.

All of his children died.

His business failed.

His home burned.

His possessions were a total loss.

His wife was livid as she blamed Job for it all.

His friends gave him bad advice.

He was alone.


He felt God had turned His back on him.

But Job’s faith never faltered.

He stayed faithful.

He never wavered.

And God restored him.

In God’s perfect timing, Job was completely restored.

Do you have that kind of faith?

If God took away everything in this life, would you trust Him still?

God’s not likely to do just that.

However, life will sometimes look like God is absent.


Not with you.

But He is here.



Rest assured, God is in complete control.

God never lost control in Job’s life.

God simply allowed Satan to test Job.

God had Job’s back.

And God has your back.


When your life feels as though God has left, will you trust Him still?

You should, because He is faithful.

He restored Job and He will restore you.


But you must be faithful.



Like Job.

Allow God to work.

And rest in the knowledge that He is sovereign over all.

Even you.

He sees you.

Every little thing.





Photos by Marita KavelashviliFederico BottosKatie Drazdauskaite, & Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

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