True Thankfulness


Are you thankful?

Truly thankful?

For all of it?

Good things are easy to list.


Joy filled days.

Grocery stores brimming with food.

Meaningful jobs.

Secure homes.

Fuzzy socks.

Steaming hot coffee.

Loving husbands.

Precious children.



How thankful are you for the darkness?

For every thing that has broken your heart?

A spiteful boss.

Ungrateful children.

A friend’s betrayal.

Abandonment of a spouse through death or divorce.

Children born in heaven.


God has a purpose for all things.

All of it.

Every little thing.

Thanking Him in the good times is easy.


Thanking Him in the bad times, is not.

It’s painful.

Sounds almost ridiculous to even suggest.

I mean, how can we possibly even think about thanking Him for the darkness?

I ask myself, can I thank God for my life?

For my entire life?



I can try.

Found it’s easier if you can thank Him for pain AND redeeming you all at the same time.

Well, here it goes.

Thank you, God, for the relationship rupture and my dear sweet husband.

You know best when allowing things to happen.

Thank you, God, for child heartaches and our precious relationships now.

Thank you, God, for the babies in heaven and the promise of new life for a bit.

Thank you, God, for the agony.

And thank you, God, for the relief.

The blessings I have are brighter when viewed through the prism of pain.

I know I’m more thankful, because of it.

All of it.

More conscious of the blessings.

My husband is, too.

It’s when you can thank Him for all,

For everything,

That you know you’ve put Him first.

Your trust in Him is secure.


Because you know He is in control.

Absolute control.

And you are safe in His arms.

Completely safe.

Ok, now it’s your turn.





Photos by Chris LawtonLina TrochezSteve HalamaGuillaume de GermainBen White, & Simon Maage on Unsplash

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