The Other Side


The devil is laughing.

Literally full of glee.

People are so dumb and we give him plenty to chuckle about.

8th grade boys writing about how dumb serving the less fortunate is.

A daughter who ignores her parents and sneaks out anyhow.

A student who steals answers from his teacher.

A cell phone which demands the attention of the husband, ignoring real life instead.

A company who devalues their workers, looking instead at the bottom line.

An advertising company selling inferior products, lying to their loyal customers.

A news show inflaming facts, intentionally stretching the truth to anger the population.

And that’s just the things we see…..


A child’s snide remark, confirming the lie in the mother’s head, declaring her unfit.

A bully’s words sinking into a teen, confirming their lowered status.

A boss devaluing his employee through unnecessary long hours away from home.

A young adult who moves out turning her face to God despite her upbringing.

The devil is laughing.

Because we are so fooled.

He shows us people with whom to compare, stirring jealousy and discontent.

He creates doubt in our abilities whether it is dinner, meetings, or haircuts.

He causes anger when he convinces us how important we are compared to others.

Why do we fall for his foolish ways?

Because we are human.


We choose it.

But there is another choice.


Specifically, the tree of life.

Remember the Garden?

There was a choice handed to Adam and Eve.

If you eat, and disobey God, you will be like Him.

You know what happened.

Folks, the devil has been laughing at us from almost the very beginning.

Time to stop.

Time to choose life every time the devil provides us with his choice.

His days are numbered.

That’s why he works on us.

He wants to take as many as he can to the pit.

Or, with Christians, he wants us to live in the pit each and every day, decreasing God’s influence on others.


But laugh instead at him, because the jokes on him.

We win.

Let me hear you laugh.

We have already won, we currently win, and we will always win.


Because God has done it all for us.

Choose life and live as if it matters.

Turn the tables and laugh instead at the devil.

Feels great, doesn’t it?




Photos by Ben WhiteJustin YoungTim MossholderLucas LenziPriscilla Du PreezMarcus Cramer & Scott Webb on Unsplash

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