You want proof God exists?

You want proof He is here?

Open your eyes.

Look around.

Really look.

Before God,

Your life was a mess.

Before His salvation,

Your life was a wreck.

Your life after God has had many disasters.

But He is there every single time.

Carrying you through.

Not unscathed, but whole.


Instead of looking at your life and focusing on the disappointments,  be amazed at how He has been there.

And still is.

Instead of asking God for proof of His very existence,  look at His proof staring you in the face.

Your spouse.

Your children.

Your job you didn’t know you’d need.

Your safety net of family and friends.

Physical provision just when you needed it.

Emotional support from a friend when it mattered most.

Unexplained bursts of joy in the midst of trials.

A peace which passes all understanding keeping your heart secure, while life on the outside looks chaotic.

God smiles at us all the time.

Through others.

That’s the proof.

Me, I tend to focus on the “too bad’s”.

Too bad life isn’t this way.

Or that.

And then I become unhappy.

Frankly, I have the distinct ability to wallow in the unhappy.

Gee, no wonder I do when I focus only on the “too bad’s”.


Look at life, instead, this way.

We live in a broken world.

But God has made all the difference in this life.

His provision has carried you through things you didn’t even know were wrong.

His love has filled you with peace time and time again.

So instead of focusing on the “too bad’s”, focus on the “it’s great that’s”.

Choose to focus on the good that most certainly outweighs the bad.

And see His hand that has been on your life, is on your life, and always will be on your life.



Photos by pixpoetryAnnie Spratt,  Artem Bali, & George Hiles on Unsplash

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