There will always be more.

More teacher books to read, lessons to try, activities to save.

More recipes to try, nutrition to evaluate, exercise methods to investigate.

More decorating shows to watch, websites to pursue, ideas to glean.

More clothing to see, outfits to make, stores to shop.

We will never reach the pinnacle of knowledge in any area of our life.

There will always be more we could know.

More knowledge to glean.

More, more, more.

I find this overwhelming.


Because I want to do my very best in all things.

I want to be the best teacher, so I read blogs, read books, tweak lessons, and constantly keep looking to make my classes even better.

I want to be the best self, so I keep pursuing blogs, saved links, and books to find that formula which will set me up for success.

I want to be the best Christian wife/mother/daughter/etc, so I read books, blogs, and save even more books on my future reading list, which I admit will could never all be read in my lifetime.


Folks, we don’t have to prove ourselves.

God loves us and accepts us.

Knowledge is wonderful, even ordained by God.

But it can become a religion of sorts.

An idol in the very least.

Yes, we should keep pursuing knowledge.

But not at the risk of feeling inadequate if we don’t.

The lie of having to know everything is false.

It will never happen.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you will never know all in whatever area you focus.

Use your God-given talents to work, improve, and pursue knowledge.

But let God guide you.

If your saved links or saved emails, or list of books to read all of a sudden vanished, would that almost be a relief to you?

That is an indication of information overload.

If you don’t want to be so bold as to delete years of saved “bookmarks”, then place a time limit on your knowledge search.

Give yourself 20 minutes a day to read your book or saved link.

Devote an entire day to plunge beneath the waters and organize, deleting unnecessary items.

Whatever you decide to do, simply remember this.

God knows all, so we don’t have to.

He ordains your steps when you trust in Him.

Allow Him to guide your knowledge search, knowing you are already enough.

You have already secured His love.

Thank Him for your knowledge thirst.

Then sit back, take a drink from your book, and savor the satisfaction of being enough.

Because you are.



Photos by Joost Crop , Valentín Betancur , Miguel Orós , &  Nong Vang on Unsplash

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