Open House



It’s open, come on in.

Whose there, you ask?




My house is open, so they walk right in.

Unknowingly, I invited them.


Through believing lies in my head.

Honestly, I thought they’d leave.

But they don’t want to leave.

In fact they refuse to leave without me demanding them via God’s power.

Why don’t I ask them to leave?

Why haven’t I?

Because I’m comfortable with them.

The bondage feels familiar.

It’s who I am.

They came into my house so long ago, I can hardly remember feeling freedom.

My house guests have not only stayed a long time, they have completely moved in.

In fact, I even built them rooms.


I made room by kicking out peace, love, and security.

Has God come by lately?

Well, I haven’t invited Him over for a bit.

It’s been awhile and my house is slightly messy.

Messy with fear, doubt, and jealousy.

I’m afraid to clean up.

I don’t think I can.

But I’m jealous of my friend’s clean house…..she has so much peace from God.

I want that, too.

Does this sound at all familiar?

Declare God’s truth and pray this prayer:

God, please come back into my life.

Cleanse me from anything that is not of You.

Fear, doubt, and jealousy, leave now, in Jesus’ name.

I declare my house to be a house of God.


Now walk confidently in God’s power.

His peace.

And close the door to fear.

In fact, change the locks.

Because God is back in control.


Photos by Mona EendraAlfred LeungLeyre LabargaJose Aragones, & Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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