That one.

I’ll take her.

She looks like an easy target.

I’ll whisper a lie into her head and wait for her response.

Should I tell her no one really likes her and she’ll never measure up


should I remind her of all her recent sins, convincing her she’s trash?

Eh, doesn’t matter.

Either lie is believable.

Oh good.

She took it.

Believed it, too!

You can tell by her mood, which has plummeted downward.

Oh, and the tears.

I’ll come back again tomorrow, whispering another lie.


Wow, it worked!

This is seriously almost too easy.

Destroying people with lies is amazingly simple.

You say this girl is a Christian?

Well, glad she’s not walking in God’s truth.

If she was, she would declare my words a lie.

Does she even know Whose power is hers?

Thankfully, she seems to have forgotten.

My job is done.

She looks defeated, no longer able to fulfill God’s plan for her.

Score, I win again!!!!

Time to find another victim.

I’ll return now and then, making sure she’s still under my thumb.

Who knew my job as Fear would be so dang easy?


Photos by Michael Mouritz ,Soragrit Wongsa , Jeremy Perkins , & Eric Ward on Unsplash

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