I ask again.

Why are any Christians down?

Why do any of us ever loose hope?

Because we’re human.

Because we are forgetful.

I could say dumb, but I won’t.

Whose are we?

I’ll tell you Whose.


Literally, we are God’s children.

His beloved.


God, who created ALL things, including us, loves us.

He watches over us.

He goes before, behind, and beside us.

He knows our every thought before we utter a word.

He knows the beginning from the end.

He knows our deepest desires.

AND, He’s given us all authority on earth.

Authority over the earth, including the devil.


When Jesus died for our sins, He restored the order of heaven.

For all who believe, He cancelled death and the grave.

He cancelled death while we live, too.


Stop walking around like you’re dead.

You have God’s power in you.

Use it.

You have God by your side.

Act like it.

You are in the company of the Most High who wants to be your closest friend.

Act like it.

Ask Him for His peace which passes all earthly understanding.

Ask Him for His love to flow through you to everyone you meet.

Ask Him for His wisdom to guide your moment by moment decisions.

Ask Him for faith beyond what you can see.

Ask Him to fill you up with His very self.

His faithfulness will astound you.

Utterly leave you speechless.

But only if you stop and really think about Whose you are.

You matter to God.





Photos by EricaFadi , David ,Blake, & Liv on Unsplash





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