Psalm 27:14



Wait for the LORD;

be strong

and take heart

and wait for the LORD.

David wrote the phrase “wait for the Lord” twice.

Think it was because he was having trouble himself?

It’s easy to view Bible characters as unusually godly.

After all, their words are quoted in the Bible we still read today.

But they were human.

Flawed, just like you and me.

And apparently David needed to really remind himself to wait for the Lord.



Do you?

Do you need to be reminded to wait for God’s timing?

Wait for the Lord means just that.

To wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Waiting for His timing.

And in the mean time, David encourages us to be strong and take heart.


Because he knew that it takes strength to wait for the Lord.

God’s strength.

It also takes heart, meaning your will and determination, yielding your love to God.

Yielding your trust in Him.

In His perfect way and timing, however slow you may think that is.

When God is working, which rest assured, He always is, it’s the waiting that is hard.

Hard for Bible characters then, and hard for us today.

So take comfort.

You’re in good company.

While waiting on the Lord, be strong and take heart.

He is working and will always finish what He has begun.





Photos by KaLisa , Usukhbayar , Darya , Daiga , Lauren , & Nick on Unsplash

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