Toxic poison


Are you affected by poison?

I know we never knowingly ingest the stuff.

I’m talking about subtle poison.

Toxic people.

Toxic situations.

Lies from the pit.

Poison like that is all around us.

It infects us frankly easier than literally ingesting liquid.

So what should you do when you find yourself without warning in the midst of poison?

Suddenly surrounded by the bad stuff?

Refuse to participate.

Isn’t that what they teach kids about drugs?

You bet.

It’s good advice.


Don’t let your heart become drawn.

Set your mind against participation with fear or disappointment.

Keep your head and rise above it, staying in peace.


Poison is meant to infect.

It’s goal is to inflict pain, cutting you to the core.

So don’t let it.

Sounds simple, but in reality, it’s pretty hard.

Our nature tends to succumb to temptation.

In this case, succumbing to the temptation of pain.

Pain is familiar.

Anger is familiar.

Disappointment is familiar.

These toxic reactions are poison.


I have an example.

Recently, someone produced gifts for everyone except for me.

It was a pointed attack, meant for harm.

If I had let the toxic poison sink deep, anger and depression would have clung to my soul.

Instead, I refused to participate, letting the disappointment fall to the ground.

I did not let the toxic power take hold.

If I had, the poison would have won.

Just what the person wanted.

Battling toxic people or situations can only be done with God.

God is on your side.

He is present and fights for you.

He wants every good thing for you.

He is on your side.

Don’t you want to be on His?

You can be when you resist toxic people and situations.

Try it.

I have complete confidence in you.

With God.


Photos by LisaZacharyBryan, & Seb on Unsplash

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