Stop agreeing with your thoughts which tell you you’re not good enough.

Stop listening to the lies inside your head, telling you you’re not loved.

Stop believing the future is hopeless.

Stop turning to the easy road that puts you behind your goals.

Stop settling for less when God wants more for you.

Stop sitting around, waiting for life to find you.

Stop thinking things will never get better.

Stop acting like a useless Christian.


Start acting like God’s child.

Start believing the truth that you are more than good enough.

Start listening to the truth that you are completely loved.

You are so loved that God sent His son Jesus to die for you.

And Jesus would have died only for you.

Start believing the future is bright, full of possibilities.

Start working on the goals God has magnificently placed into your path.

Start fulfilling the destiny God has for you.

Declare God to be in control of your thoughts, and for heaven’s sake, start walking towards Him.


Photos by John ,Chris , Luke, & Danielle  on Unsplash

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