How did He?


When did You know?

When did You know how You would ultimately die?

How were You not completely overcome with anxiety at almost every moment after?

When did You know You were the Son of God?

When did You grow to love all of humanity with all of our issues and sin?

Did You always want to save us?

Because of love?

When did You realize You were our only hope?

God’s plan of salvation was You.

Was that almost too much to bear?


On top of all that, You were human.

With human needs like thirst, hunger, and the need for rest.

How did You not snap at people when your last meal had been hours previously consumed?

How did You function so utterly flawless when You were completely exhausted and couldn’t even think straight?

You amaze me.

You were fully human, so Your power had nothing to do with it.

You simply did it.

Your life was not easy, yet you were the perfect example to us all.

You carried the burdens of the world and it did not sway your path for one moment.

Teach us.

Teach us to hold our tongues when things don’t go our way.

Teach us to love others when they don’t at all deserve it.

Teach us to spread Your love and salvation to others.

And teach us to simply trust You.

That’s what You did.

You trusted the Father, who had the perfect plan.


And our Father is faithful.

He was completely faithful to You and He will be completely faithful to me.

To us.

Always and forever.

Oh may we be more and more like You every day.



Photos by Aaron Burden Roman Averin , & Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE on Unsplash

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