You will never NOT have trouble.

Let me say that another way.

There will always be something.

Some irritation somewhere.


Because nothing is always perfect.

Sounds like a downer, doesn’t it?


Just bringing us into reality, folks.

Taking our heads out of the clouds.

Up from burrowing in the sand.

What are some of life’s irritations, you ask?

Oh my, the list is endless.

Cleaning up after other people.

(Who am I kidding: sometimes it’s irritating to clean up after myself! Where’s that maid?)

Not finding what you need at a store.

Leaky faucets.

Unnecessary attitude from ungrateful children.

Going to someone else’s favorite restaurant.

Mosquito bites.

The fact that sugar is bad for you, yet it tastes so amazing in food!

Ants crawling on my kitchen floor.

Horrid influences encroaching on loved ones.


Jesus said we would have trouble in this life.

But to take heart, because He has overcome the world.

He has overcome absolutely everything.

Every irritation.

Every issue.

All of it.

So, what does He ask of us to do in spite of any and all irritations?

To trust Him.

To stay focused on what is important.

How one reacts to daily, even momentary irritation reflects to others your relationship with God.


How you react to things that do not go your way will either point people to God or away from Him.

Difficult, I know.

Fully aware.

Just start thinking about that.

When your buttons are pushed, does your attitude reflect God?

Look to Jesus for inspiration.

He was irritated, I’m sure, beyond belief on earth.

Think about that.

Walking around with us, He knew what every person should have been doing to increase life’s satisfaction.

But He left us to our own choices.

He never let any earthly irritation mar the face of God.

Ever get hangry?

Jesus was many times.

That’s an incredible irritation.

Purpose to reflect Jesus in all that you do.

And when you fail, keep trying.

Ask God to help you.

He will and it will get easier and easier to succeed.

Just don’t hand me a sad pizza when I’m hangry.

Because God will not be shining through my face if you do.  🙂

Oh, ok, I’ll work on it too…!




Photos by Clem Onojeghuo ,Ruth Caron ,Anton Darius | @theSollers , Michał Kubalczyk , & Álvaro SF on Unsplash


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