How does one survive without God?

Literally, how does one survive this life?

I have no idea how.

Life can be pretty awful sometimes.

Downright nasty.

And when life is just that, how can one survive without the knowledge that God is still in control?

I’m guessing not very well.

Surviving this life without God, that is.


When life punches you to the ground,

When you can hardly gather your strength to pull yourself back up,

All you have to do is reach out your hand.

Reach out your trembling hand to God.

He is always there to pull you up, gathering you into a big bear hug.

He lifts the burden from your shoulders,

Shakes the dust off your back,

Wipes the tears from your eyes,

And holds your hand as you begin your walk again.

He never lets go.

So, the next time life reduces you into a heap on the floor,

Remember who stands with you.

You might not know where He is taking you,

You might not know His reasons,

You might not even know why He allows certain things.

But you can be certain of One thing:  You and your little life matter to our big God.

And that, my friend, is how we survive this life.

And prosper.




Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash


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