Beautiful Life


God is waiting to walk you into your beautiful life.

 Already there?

 That’s awesome.

Truly a gift.

Some of us aren’t.

 We want to, but we can’t.


Because we are holding onto remnants of the past.


 Broken pieces we cannot seem to drop.

 These burdens from the past beg us to cling to our old ways of thinking, of acting.

 We cling because they are familiar.

 Painful, but familiar.

 Why is that comforting?

Because it’s the known vs the unknown.

Do you trust me?

God is asking that of us this day.

 Do you really trust me?

Because if you do, you’ll give Him those ashes.

 The deepest darkest places in your heart.

 You’ll grab every last drop of darkness and pour it out into God’s open hands.

 He wants your sadness.

 He wants your burdens.

 He wants your cares.

But do you trust Him?

Does He really have your back?

Has He planned the best for your future?


Don’t believe me?

That’s ok.

 Look to your details- your blessings in your life.

 God is there, was there, and is here yet today.

 Oh, and He’s in your future.

 Whether it’s job loss, broken relationships, yearnings of your heart, recovery from surgery or anything else, God is waiting to take the worry from you.

 He can see far beyond your vision.

 Place it all into His hands.

 Lean back, and trust Him.

 And allow your precious smile to brighten your stunning face.

Welcome to your beautiful life.




Photos by Victoriano Izquierdo & Peter Hershey on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Life

  1. What beautiful words thank you so much for sharing, our beautiful Papa is there with open arms waiting to take away all the tears, sadness, disappointment and darkness. Amen thank you Jesus. Xx


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