I see you.

I saw you yesterday.

When a situation arose, I got your attention.

I was hoping you would react how we’ve practiced.

When the moment came, you did well.

You were momentarily upset, but quickly changed to anticipation.

Anticipation for how I would arrive, dotting every i, crossing every t.

I saw you relax into My capable arms.

Surrendering everything back to me.

I was so proud of you.


But then the doubts and lies crept back.

They snuck around, whispering into your ear.

And before long, you had taken the burden back from Me.

Frankly, you didn’t hesitate.

You chose to trust the lies instead of Me.

Robbing you of your peace.

The peace I had given to you.

My peace.

After your pity party ended, how did you feel?


I wish I could take any shred of pain or sorrow you carry.

Remember, I can.

But you must not only give Me your burdens, but leave them.

Completely leave them.

You must trust Me.

Then you’ll keep your peace.

I’m here.

Here to stay.

But it’s your choice.

I’m proud of you.

Just because you’re My child.

I solved your situation.

Even with you holding the burden.

I solved it and I always will.

Your journey will be peaceful if you let Me carry you.

Next time a situation arises, anticipate My intervention.

Watch and wait to see what I will do.

And steady your heart.

But when you place your hand in Mine, don’t let go.

Because I never will.




Most of the photos by Saksham Gangwar & Bryan Minear on Unsplash

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