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God asked Mary to do something for Him.

When God asked her, she responded with grace.

When God asked Mary to completely change her life and give up everything she knew, she said not my will but Your will be done.

Your will be done.

She accepted the responsibility.

She didn’t question His ways.

She declared herself the servant of the Lord.



What would you have done?

I probably would’ve grumbled.

Or questioned.

Or declared myself unworthy.

When God asks you to do things in your life, how do you respond?

Do you respond like Mary?

Do you declare His will to be your will?

Do you believe He has the best plans for you?

Are you His servant?

Or do you declare your way is better than His.

May we respond like Mary.

May we respond certain of God’s faithfulness.

Certain God’s ways are higher than our own.

And may we place our full trust in Him.

And only Him.


Photo by Josh Boot,  Alex Gindin , Milada Vigerova,Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

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