Wise Men


Has God ever asked something of you?

And He’s been a little vague, but you know He is leading you in a certain direction?

So you decide to follow the direction He has for you, but it is certainly not fast.

In fact, it’s been a few months or a couple of years and you seem to be going nowhere new.

Are you still trusting Him?

Still believing what He has in store for you?


When God leads you to walk down a certain path, it’s sure easy at the beginning, isn’t it?

You are fresh, full of ideas, and hope spills over in your heart.

Flash forward a couple of years.

You are a bit weary, irritated, and more times then you care to admit, you listen to lies telling you how foolish you are to keep trusting God.

Sound familiar?

Look at the wise men who came from afar, bringing gifts to Jesus.

History shows these important men traveled a very long time to their destination.

Months or years, historians differ in their interpretation of the time.

But here is the point.

They kept going until their journey was complete.

They were faithful.

Are you?

When God leads you down a path, are you faithful to Him?

God’s timetable is not ours.

His plan includes your salvation.

And the salvation of others.

Even when progress seems to be at a standstill, keep walking.

Keep trusting God in the process.

God’s answers for you are waiting.

But only if you keep following Him.


Photos by Inbal Malca, Mariam Soliman & Jamie Templeton on Unsplash

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