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How arrogant are we?

Shaking our fist at God when things don’t go our way?

Pointing out declared errors to the Creator of all things?

We do make a fuss, don’t we?

How arrogant are we?

If He gives us something, then almost immediately takes it away, we whine.

If He shuts a door we wish would open, we beg.

If He changes our circumstances away from what we believe our heart desires, we stomp our feet.

How arrogant are we?

Sometimes we act like the children we parent, with no shining examples or mature reactions.


When God seemingly takes something away, we have 2 choices:  allow death and despair to flood our every thought, or focus on how good God is.

When we allow sadness to become our god, we render ourselves useless and selfish, full of self pity.

Frozen with fear, probably fear of loosing control.

But when we choose to focus on God, we allow His peace and healing power to fill us with every good thing.

We remain filled with faith, steadfast in our walk with God.

Firmly planted with confidence and joy.

From the balcony of heaven, will it matter if God takes something away?

If He changes your job, you’ll look back and see His hand.

If He changes your location, you’ll look back and see His purpose.

If He changes your family, you’ll look back and see His shepherding.

The Lord is My Shepherd.

He takes things away, yet replaces them with His goodness.

What if that is His purpose?


What if His purpose in taking things away is to remind you of your focus?

I might tell Him I don’t need that reminder, thank you very much.

Can He just tell me in other ways?

But that would be arrogant.

I cannot tell my Lord what He should do.

He knows the complete best for me.

He knows exactly what I need even better then I do.

That, my friend, is the reward.

God, who knows all things from the beginning to the end, is in control, not me.

God, who sent His son to die for ME, loves me and has my back.

Rest in that peace.

Choose to remember, focusing on Him.

And your arrogance will disappear.



Photos by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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