My husband and I recently watched a show in which a friend at headquarters whispered encouraging words to a friend’s earpiece, who was fighting on the field.

Those whispered words brought courage and strength to the friend on the field, who was in major trouble.

And those words made all the difference.

Discouragement left.

Hope returned.

The mission was accomplished.

My husband and I discussed how amazing it would be to speak life into an earpiece, delivering it to the other spouse when needed.

Feeling overwhelmed at work, he or I could “ring for help” and the other would whisper encouraging words.

Wouldn’t that be neat?



But then I realized something.

We already have access to something even greater.

When we need strength, all we need to do is utter that prayer to God and He will whisper into our earpiece everything we need.

But only if we listen.

While feeling overwhelmed, we can ask God for perspective, strength, and joy, and He will deliver.

Only if we ask.


But here’s the thing-

Sometimes, when we utter our prayer, we listen to the wrong earpiece.

We listen instead to the whispers that declare us “no good, unable, or less than”.

Those whispers are also available to us.


So which earpiece will you listen to?

God’s, who speaks truth, yet will also bring you into a place of complete submission?

That earpiece is full of life, truth, and peace.

Or will you believe instead Satan’s, who speaks evil lies, fostering your ego and making you feel lonely?

Yes, it would be wonderful to key into your spouse’s encouragement whenever the whim demanded.

But God’s earpiece is ready to go.

Now and each and every day.

Whenever the need arises, ask Him for strength.

Ask Him for His peace to pass all of your understanding.

Then, as God, who is THE Creator of all things, whispers the truth in your ear, listen.


His voice is the best earpiece of all.



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